Robert Moss's musical influences and background range from punk to orchestral music.

He played in bands, was a session musician, then a screen composer, and continues to compose and release new music.

In his first band he played bagpipes, then clarinet in a couple of youth orchestras. Later he played numerous instruments in Sydney bands such as The Inmates, The RAF, The Riptides, Spy v Spy, Sons and Lovers and The Hard Word, usually only doing guest spots or tours, as he didn’t really like being a fixed member of a band having to play the same thing night after night. 

He has written jingles and advertising music, including for Apple Computers and the Australian Government, and produced a few recordings including the single “See You In Spain” for The Cockroaches, who went on to become The Wiggles.  

For a while he became ensconced in a prolific career as a screen composer, operating his own studio and composing many television series themes and incidental music including for Australian networks, ABC, Channel Seven, and SBS, as well as numerous independent films and documentaries.

He is now focused on completing and releasing his unfinished works.